Faculty and Staff

Meet The Faculty And Staff

Of St. Francis de Sales Catholic School

Meet the St. Francis de Sales faculty and staff. We’re dedicated to creating a rigorous academic environment that creates a strong educational foundation for all our students.

To contact a teacher or staff member, click on their picture. You can also access the class website by clicking on the teacher’s picture.

Faculty And Staff

Debra Traum
Debra Traum Principal dtraum@sfdscs.org
Laurel DiPirro
Laurel DiPirro Administrative Assistant ldipirro@sfdscs.org
Sarah Passarell
Sarah Passarell Advancement Director spassarell@sfdscs.org
Kathleen Hall
Kathleen Hall MPre-Kindergarten and Pre-K Religion khall@sfdscs.org
Christan McIntyre
Christan McIntyre Kindergarten and Kindergarten Religion cmcintyre@sfdscs.org My Webpage
Chrisie Chamberlain
Chrisie Chamberlain First Grade and First Grade Religion cchamberlain@sfdscs.org My Webpage
Cecelia Rosenfelder
Cecelia Rosenfelder Second Grade and Second Grade Religion crosenfelder@sfdscs.org My Webpage
Nancy White
Nancy White Third Grade and Third Grade Religion nwhite@sfdscs.org My Webpage
Laura Mansueti
Laura Mansueti Fourth Grade and Fourth Grade Religion lmansueti@sfdscs.org
Amy Gutierrez
Amy Gutierrez Fifth Grade Homeroom and Religion/Social Studies (5-8)/Language (5) agutierrez@sfdscs.org
Rita Donson
Rita Donson Sixth Grade Homeroom and Religion/Spanish rdonson@sfdscs.org
Jennifer Kirchner
Jennifer Kirchner Seventh Grade Homeroom and Religion/Science (5-8) jkirchner@sfdscs.org
Phyllis Phillips
Phyllis Phillips Eighth Grade Homeroom and Religion / Language Arts (5-8) pphillip@sfdscs.org
Julie Geary
Julie Geary Math (6-8) jgeary@sfdscs.org
Megan Duick
Megan Duick Math (5-8) msmith@sfdscs.org
Becky Birch
Becky Birch Library/Academic Resource rbirch@sfdscs.org
Becky Doss
Becky Doss Title I Coordinator bdoss@sfdscs.org
Mary-Tyler Upshaw
Mary-Tyler Upshaw Technology Coordinator and Instructor, Music and Theatre Teacher mupshaw@sfdscs.org My Webpage
Denny McLeod
Denny McLeod Art dmcleod@sfdscs.org
Jane Whittaker
Jane Whittaker AfterCare jwhittak@sfdscs.org
Cindy Janaskie
Cindy Janaskie Educational Assistant cjanask@sfdscs.org
Irene Cook
Irene Cook Educational Assistant icook@sfdscs.org
Katie Manes
Katie Manes Pre-Kindergarten Assistant kmanes@sfdscs.org
Dianne Seidel
Dianne Seidel Nurse dseidel@sfdscs.org
Karen Eutsler
Karen Eutsler Nurse keutsler@sfdscs.org
Jeannie Mowbray
Jeannie Mowbray Custodian jmowbray@sfdscs.org
Doreen Howard
Doreen Howard Food Services Payment Coordinator dhoward@visitstfrancis.org
Linda DePietro
Linda DePietro Food Service Coordinator ldepietro@sfdscs.org