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STREAMS: Project-Based Learning

Incorporating Multiple Subjects To Promote Student Interest, Retention

Here at St. Francis, we are proud to use a project-based learning approach to improve information retention and student interest. Called S.T.R.E.A.M.S., this initiative encourages teachers to touch on multiple subjects during each of their lessons.

St. Francis de Sales School Curriculum Outline with Resources

Infusing Religion, Arts Into STEM

Covering science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, math and Spanish, this approach integrates the diocesan and the State of Maryland curriculum and standards. By touching on two or more of these subjects in each lesson, studies have found that this creates increased connections in the brain. This approach stimulates both the student’s interest and improving their retention of the material.

Infusing Religion, Arts Into STEM

Promoting Creative Thinking

Promoting Creative Thinking

This creative approach to teaching is designed to help create well-rounded students. Both religion and the arts are infused into science and math lessons to promote the use of creative thinking and technology use in the classroom. This innovative approach is designed to empower students and prepare them to succeed in the modern world.

Lessons Tailored To Individual Learning Styles

Teachers use a variety of teaching approaches to reach students of all different learning styles. This strategy helps ensure that all students are engaged in the learning process and ultimately become lifelong learners.

With this multi-subject approach, students are taught to go beyond the simple recall of information and develop critical thinking skills and higher order thought processes that set them up to succeed in high school, college and beyond.

Continuing Success In High School, College And Beyond

Armed with a strong academic foundation, St. Francis students transition to area private and public schools. There, they are placed into above level and advanced placement programs.

Our alumni have gone on to prestigious universities such as Duke, University of Maryland, Princeton, Yale and Brown, to name just a few. We are proud to have many of our alumni enroll their children at St. Francis de Sales because they recognize the value of the traditional Catholic education they received.

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From The Parents...

"St. Francis de Sales Catholic School is an amazing school. In addition to providing an excellent curriculum, the setting is warm and inviting. Sfds offers a wide range of sports, as well as clubs, choir and band. The children attend daily religion classes and attend mass once a week. There are Christmas plays and an 8th grade musical. From reading carnivals to field days, Sfds is truly a well-rounded school. St. Francis has been a blessing to our family. My father was in the very first class at the school and graduated in 1959. I graduated from St. Francis in 1984. My daughter will graduate this Sunday. My son will graduate in three years. St. Francis has an incredible staff, and the whole school community feels like family. I only wish the school had grades 9-12. Our graduating class is awesome. My daughter has made friends to last a lifetime and has received a quality education. We could not be more pleased. St. Francis has wonderful school spirit. Once a penguin, always a penguin. Penguin Pride Lives Here!"

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