Tuition And Fees For St. Francis de Sales

Individual And Family Rates

Thinking of joining the St. Francis school community? Here are the rates for tuition, including discounted rates for parishioners and multi-student families. We also offer financial aid for our students. Learn more about financial aid.

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Rates for Pre-K 3 2019-2020

Number of Children Days Monthly Annual
1 Student – Half Day 2 Days $ 175.00 $ 1,870.00
1 Student – Full Day 2 Days $ 282.00 $ 3,025.00
1 Student – Half Day 3 Days $ 224.00 $ 2,585.00
1 Student – Full Day 3 Days $ 361.00 $ 4,290.00
1 Student – Half Day 5 Days $ 349.00 $ 4,180.00
1 Student – Full Day 5 Days $ 466.00 $ 6,380.00

Rates for Pre-K 4 2019-2020

Children are admitted to school for Pre-K if they are 4 years of age on of before September 1st.

Number of Children Monthly Annual
1 Student – Full Day $ 442.36 $ 4,866.00

Parishioner Rate for K-8th 2019-2020

Number of Children Monthly Annual
1 $ 609.54 $ 6,705.00
2 $ 1,046.73 $ 11,514.00
3 $ 1,481.45 $ 16,296.00
4 $ 1,916.09 $ 21,077.00

CRITERIA FOR PARISHIONER FAMILY RATE – To receive the Parish tuition rate, all families must be officially registered with the Parish, be active and use the envelopes for the weekly offerings of at least $10.00.

Non-Parishioner Rate for K-8th 2019-2020

Number of Children Monthly Annual
1 $ 700.45 $ 7,705.00
2 $ 1,228.54 $ 13,514.00
3 $ 1,754.18 $ 19,296.00
4 $ 2,279.73 $ 25,077.00

A recent survey of local non-public schools showed that St. Francis de Sales Catholic School’s tuition is the most affordable.

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From The Parents...

"St. Francis de Sales Catholic School is an amazing school. In addition to providing an excellent curriculum, the setting is warm and inviting. Sfds offers a wide range of sports, as well as clubs, choir and band. The children attend daily religion classes and attend mass once a week. There are Christmas plays and an 8th grade musical. From reading carnivals to field days, Sfds is truly a well-rounded school. St. Francis has been a blessing to our family. My father was in the very first class at the school and graduated in 1959. I graduated from St. Francis in 1984. My daughter will graduate this Sunday. My son will graduate in three years. St. Francis has an incredible staff, and the whole school community feels like family. I only wish the school had grades 9-12. Our graduating class is awesome. My daughter has made friends to last a lifetime and has received a quality education. We could not be more pleased. St. Francis has wonderful school spirit. Once a penguin, always a penguin. Penguin Pride Lives Here!"



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