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Strength of Scholarship

Investment In Your Child’s Future, The Gift Of Learning

When parents choose the gift of a purpose-driven, faith-based Catholic education, it reflects a strong commitment to their child’s development and future. We strive to integrate academic rigor and Christ-like patterns of living so that our students are prepared for the demands of our modern society.

SFdS students consistently score in the 80th percentile during standardized testing

Reading: 81
SFDS scores 31% above the National Average
Math: 83
SFDS scores 33% above the National Average
English: 84
SFDS scores 34% above the National Average

“St. Francis de Sales Catholic School is an amazing school. In addition to providing an excellent curriculum, the setting is warm and inviting. From reading carnivals to field days, SFdS is truly a well-rounded school. St. Francis has been a blessing to our family.”

- April Brilliant

Distinction through Dignity & Foundation in Faith

Creating A Well-Rounded Student Body

While our school is firmly grounded in the Catholic faith, we welcome students from all backgrounds and religions. St. Francis strives to create a diverse student body where we all learn from each other while respecting each person’s contributions.

Distinction through Dignity & Foundation in Faith

Structured by Service

Bringing Our Values To Life

It’s important to us that our students, parents and staff all work together to create a vibrant school community. We ask all our parents to actively participate in our school community and we offer volunteer opportunities during the day, after work and weekends to fit your schedule.

Average Graduating Class Volunteer Hours
Average Family Volunteer Hours Each Year
Average Student Volunteer Hours Each Year
St. Francis de Sales
The Busy Beak

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KG Field Trip
May 20
Student Shows
May 20
7th & 8th Grade Dance
May 21 @ 7:00 pm
1st Grade Field Trip
May 24
3rd Grade Field Trip
May 26