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Primary Program

Building A Strong Foundation In Math, Science And Language

And Beyond With Art, Music, Computer And Spanish Classes

At St. Francis, our primary program teaches the Catholic faith through stories, daily and sacramental prayer. We believe that religion is the foundation of every great education.

The program, which runs from kindergarten through second grade, is focused on giving students the skills to continue building their core reading, math and science capabilities.

Learn more about each subject’s educational focus:

Math And Reading

We use Houghton-Mifflin for both our reading and math instructional materials. Our reading program is focused on helping emerging readers improve their budding skills and take on more challenging material. Our math curriculum uses a dynamic blend of technology and traditional teaching materials to help each student master math concepts.

Online tools are used to measure engagement and assessment. This information helps us work with each student to expand their reading and math abilities.


Science is taught with a hands-on approach. Concepts such as the scientific method are introduced to students through age-appropriate experiments.

Social Studies

Students learn about themselves, their families and the community through their social studies lessons. They see how they fit within each of these different groups and the roles they play within their communities.


Each student’s handwriting knowledge grows, first with an emphasis on printing, then moving into cursive handwriting lessons in second grade.

Spanish, Art, Computer And More

In addition to a focus on the core academic subjects, students also expand their knowledge with a wide variety of lessons in Spanish, art, music, computer, library and physical education every week.

Meet Our Kindergarten Class

Meet Our Kindergarten Class

Led by Karly Pizza, the kindergarten class works on continuing to learn the fundamentals of math, science and reading while exploring the arts, music, Spanish and religion.

Meet Our First Grade Class

Led by Chrisie Chamberlain, the first grade class deepens their knowledge of religion, math, reading and science, while learning more about their roles in their families, school and greater community.

Meet Our First Grade Class

Meet Our Second Grade Class

Meet Our Second Grade Class

Led by Cecelia Rosenfelder, the second grade class works on expanding their strong academic foundation, while adding new skills like cursive handwriting.

From The Parents...

"St. Francis de Sales Catholic School is an amazing school. In addition to providing an excellent curriculum, the setting is warm and inviting. Sfds offers a wide range of sports, as well as clubs, choir and band. The children attend daily religion classes and attend mass once a week. There are Christmas plays and an 8th grade musical. From reading carnivals to field days, Sfds is truly a well-rounded school. St. Francis has been a blessing to our family. My father was in the very first class at the school and graduated in 1959. I graduated from St. Francis in 1984. My daughter will graduate this Sunday. My son will graduate in three years. St. Francis has an incredible staff, and the whole school community feels like family. I only wish the school had grades 9-12. Our graduating class is awesome. My daughter has made friends to last a lifetime and has received a quality education. We could not be more pleased. St. Francis has wonderful school spirit. Once a penguin, always a penguin. Penguin Pride Lives Here!"

The Busy Beak

See what's going on in with the academic and extracurricular activities of our Penguins!

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