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Susan Lagueux

Susan Lagueux

Fourth Grade


Susan Lagueux

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Weekly Skills List – 9/17/18 – 9/20/18

All 25 words will be “regular” list for students:

Spelling List: (Spelling Contract HW and test are due 9/20)

Skill: short /e/ and long /e/

  1. west
  2. steep
  3. member
  4. gleam
  5. fresh
  6. freedom
  7. speed
  8. steam
  9. beast
  10. believe
  11. speck
  12. kept
  13. cheap
  14. pretend
  15. greed
  16. shelf
  17. least
  18. eager
  19. reason
  20. chief






Anchor Text: My Brother Martin and Langston Hughes: A Poet and a Dreamer

Writing Skill: narrative/descriptive paragraph – word choice

Comprehension: explain historical events and idioms

Grammar: Kinds of Sentences

Fluency: phrasing: pauses

Decoding: Open and Closed syllables

Vocabulary Strategies: prefixes in-, im-, il-, ir-

Target Vocabulary:  injustice, numerous, segregation, nourishing, captured, dream, encounters, preferred, recall, example


Continuing Chapter 1

  • rounding, renaming/regrouping, reading and writing numbers, comparing and ordering, problem-solving
  • Chapter One Quiz – Mid Chapter Checkpoint

vocabulary: estimate, expanded form, inverse operations, period, round, standard form, thousands, word form

SOCIAL STUDIES: Natural Maryland  – Chapter 2, Maryland’s geography sets the stage for the history of our state.

SCIENCE: Lab Learner (microscopes and magnification) – Investigation 2, Refraction

RELIGION: Review and complete Unit One – Growing In Jesus Christ. Chapter One Test Thursday. A review will be done for HW on Wednesday night and corrected together right before the test.

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