Intermediate Program

Intermediate Program: Building New Skills

Hands-On Learning Brings Lessons To Life

Our intermediate program, for students in third through fifth grades, is designed to continue building on the fundamentals taught in earlier grades while also introducing new areas and expanding their knowledge of technology, social studies and the Catholic faith.

As part of our religious education, we focus on teaching the seven sacraments as well as learning more about the saints.

Here are the other areas we teach:

Math And Reading

Our math and reading programs continue with the Houghton-Mifflin curriculum series, emphasizing the interactive features that help assess each student’s understanding of the subject matter.


Technology becomes an increasingly important part of each student’s learning process. In order to incorporate more technology into each school day, they visit the computer lab or use Chromebooks often for assessments on Think Central.


Using the Lab Learner curriculum, each student brings their science lessons to life using hands-on instruction and lab experiments.

Social Studies

Each student continues to expand their knowledge of their immediate community as well as Maryland and United States history.

Music, Art, Spanish And More

We focus on creating well-rounded students with Spanish, art, music, computer, library and physical education classes every week.

Meet Our Third Grade Class

Meet Our Third Grade Class

Led by Patricia Holmes, the third grade class is focused on learning more about their Catholic faith while also continuing their hands-on science experiments.

Meet Our Fourth Grade Class

Led by Susan Lagueux, the fourth grade class is becoming more comfortable using Chromebooks for their lessons and broadening their math, science and reading skills.

Meet Our Fourth Grade Class

Meet Our Fifth Grade Class

Led by Amy Gutierrez, the fifth grade class continues to grow in their academic journey, learning more about state and U.S. History and preparing for middle school.

From The Parents...

"I love this school! My husband went to school here when he was a kid and spoke so highly of it that I took a tour to see if it was a good fit for our first son and 3 years later both our son's go here and they love it too!! I would recommend this school to anyone!!"

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