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Rebecca Birch

Rebecca Birch

Library/Academic Resource


Rebecca Birch

Teachers Bio

Becky Birch is the library and academic resource teacher for SFdS. She has 31 years of experience teaching and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from James Madison University, a master’s equivalency from Salisbury State College and the Maryland Advanced Professional Certificate through 2020..

She has taught at SFdS for three years and she blends together both the driving nature of a coach and the understanding of a parent to bring out the best in her students. She personalizes learning by bringing her own enjoyment of a subject to the classroom. She promotes a love of reading by dressing up as the Cat in the Hat and reading Dr. Seuss books to the students.

She keeps her students excited and engaged in learning by continuously evolving her lessons and measuring their progress with proven program criteria. She adapts her approach to best fit each student’s learning style.

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