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Welcome to St Francis de Sales
Foundation in Faith,  Excellence in Education.

Welcome to St. Francis de Sales Catholic School

From the desk of Rob Costante, Principal…
May 14, 2017

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As principal, I have often found myself attending funeral’s for family members of my colleagues, my students and their families. Occasionally, I have attended a service for someone I had never met. One such instance occurred this past Tuesday when I attended the funeral mass for Bill Fordham. A few days before the service, I received a call from Bill’s daughter Deborah where she shared that her family decided that they intended to have all contributions directed to our school. Although Bill and his wife Marie were not members of our parish, Deborah shared that her parents were staunch supporters of Catholic education and believed deeply in the value of our schools. And even though I did not know Bill or his family nor did they have any connection to our parish school, both of Bill’s daughters and most of his grandchildren went through Catholic schools, as such, Bill believed deeply in our educational product. 

At the funeral service, I felt honored to have briefly shared some time with Bill’s family and learn more about his belief in Catholic education. It was during one such conversation that his daughter Marie disclosed that her father felt as if the Catholic Church (in some areas) had it all wrong. She reflected on the many occasions in which her father would see a new church being erected while a Catholic school would be closed and torn down. In seeing such a sight, Bill would express his frustration saying that the Catholic school they were closing is actually the place that these parishes should invest their money. Bill saw our school communities as the place which employed the perfect method in shaping the next generation of active, engaged and knowledgeable Catholic leaders.

Catholic schools need people like Bill and the Fordham family who recognize the unique influence that our educational system has on the lives of young people. What’s more, we need families who will continue to spread the good news of our faith-filled academic communities. Their individual efforts and our efforts as parishes and dioceses must be to advocate and plan for the sustainability of our school communities. Our world needs schools where students develop strength of mind, a kindness of heart and a loving soul. Moreover, our society needs an academic setting where the development of character and the nurturance of faith are valued with equal importance to developing the critical literacies of learning. And we are truly blessed - privileged that this setting is located across the parking lot in the charming little schoolhouse on Camden Avenue.

This week we extend our appreciation to the treasured sponsorship that Triglia Transportation has provided to St. Francis de Sales School. Thank you!


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